What does adulthood mean? When everyone is at the very least observing social media, and News, it doesn’t really seem like adulthood is about accepting responsibility as it should be. More or less it seems more like creating a million different ways to avoid accountability. Perhaps this is why so few people are as successful as they want to be. Maybe, maybe not.

As much as one would love to, it feels almost impossible to escape the constant noise of media. Whether the talking heads are kicking or screaming on a television screen somewhere off in the distance, or on one of the many internet feeds that have become our daily ritual, they seem to be everywhere. Why have we created a gigantic system of lies to avoid accepting responsibility? Are responsibilities so awful? ‘

For example, we all end up learning that racism, prejudice, and other forms of discrimination are terrible. Yet, most of us end up picking a political party, which has become a great way to separate,thinly veil our prejudices,  and fight one another for no good reason. Truth is, and probably always was and will be, subjective depending on your sources.

All of this is just par for the course. Seemingly this is what adulthood comes down to. What’s annoying is that none of it matters as much as us adults thinks that it does, and the sheer velocity of some of the reactions. And don’t think you can tell them that many of these happenings aren’t significant. Stubborn people can seldom be convinced of such. Adulthood is somehow just as divisive as high school, but in ways that we’ve intellectualized as normal. Strange.