Blame Game


Whenever one of these world catastrophe’s seems to happen, it never ceases to amaze me how quickly the mourning stops, and the finger pointing begins. Then, like clockwork, the patronization and defensiveness soon follows. Thankfully Facebook, despite having a shit ton of subscribers, only has a small amount of vocal subscribers. Realistically, the vocal outrage ,and the attempts to express love through vocal outrage via internet mediums only serves to show a minuscule slice of humanity. Funnily enough, no arguments ever seem to begin through these mediums.

Well, that’s my observation anyway. People love preaching to their own choirs. Being from a blue state, and living in a red state for many months has given my Facebook feed a nice partisan flourish. Admittedly, this seemed like it might be a cool thing to see about a year ago. Now it just serves to show which friends are addicted to sensationalism.

Politics and news journalism are strange webs to get tangled up in, to say the least. Despite both being inherently deceitful, even if the gains can seem noble at times, no one really wants to believe their brands are deceitful. Coke sucks if you love Pepsi, and vice versa. Everyone sticks to their own fiercely and sticks their heads in the sand.

If you have Facebook, take a look at your vocally political friends. There’s almost never any opposition to what they’re saying. Whether it’s through some sneaky tech stuff, or just human nature, it seems our social circles are often a projection of our  own beliefs. Perhaps this is why so many great thinkers wrote books; they just happened to be THAT lonely.

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