Rule The World


Do the intelligent rule the world? Do the brave? Is the world ruled by an evil conglomerate? Maybe it’s a little bit of everything, or none of them at all.

After reading most of the book, Quiet, by Susan Cain and watching the film Dear White People, many concepts of power have dawned on me. Both works establish a bias, or a perceived disadvantage in some way. Susan Cain talks about how introverts are constantly overlooked, and more importantly how introverts can use their natural tendencies to their advantage. Dear White People is partially about the power struggle between white and black students on an Ivy League University campus. But does anyone really rule the world anymore?

Sure politicians have their power, as do businessmen, and investors, but singular rule seems not only like a myth but an interestingly perpetuated one at that. If ever you were considered a highly intelligent person in high school, you were often made to believe that you will go on and the world will be easy for you. As Quiet demonstrates, this is not always the case as introverts tend to do well in high school, but then go on and have a difficult time in the real world. In Dear White People, this is also not the case as most of the character’s do not have that much power, as much as they have perceived power. Adding to that point, is that an earned sense of self-belief completes every character’s story arc.

So is there any validity in wanting to rule the world? Better yet, is there any validity in certain positions having power, or is the power really based on the perception of other people? My belief is that power has much more to do with perception than anything in most cases. Especially in the western world where democracy reigns supreme. Not to mention that many of the men and women who really built a name, and  a powerful reputation for themselves, tended to bend the rules. Perhaps true power is in self-belief and the willingness to stick your neck out for what you believe is the right thing to do.Whether or not the “right thing”, is actually right? Well that depends on perception as well.

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