Breaking Biases


Humans are fallible. (Thanks captain obvious.) What is strange about how humans conduct their businesses, no matter where you are in the world, is that there will always exist irrational biases. In fact, the book/movie which the title is derived from is all about breaking biases.

Moneyball is  an interesting book. At first it seems that if you aren’t into baseball, you may not enjoy the book. Truth be told, the book is easy to relate to if you are a passionate person about anything. Thematically, the book is more about how we tend to overlook what really matters in a person based on our biases. Fascinatingly, until this book came out, Major League Baseball was run mostly by people who were relying on faulty information to recruit baseball players.

Similarly, it is with this biased view with which we look at what people say, or their public persona. Saturday, one of my relatives was talking about how much she hates Kanye West. According to her, his antics, and loud mouth automatically disqualified his music as a worthwhile listen. Realistically, he hasn’t really done anything outlandish.

In fact, considering the number of musicians who have done crazy shit, he’s not even in the top ten. But what is it that makes us put stock into what he says? Is it that we have an inflated sense of value on free speech? Are we going to ignore people who do actually crazy things, like beat their wives, because they have quiet public personas?

It would be interesting to trace the bias that our love of free speech has on and individual’s perception. For one, it’s annoying when someone who, despite our opinions, makes very interestingly produced music is such a controversial figure for not a whole lot. Meanwhile, the truly evil people are just hiding in plain sight. People think the devil will come to you in a nice suit, extending a slick handshake. Realistically, we create the devil in our heads, and refuse to see what we create.

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