To Goal Or Not To Goal


There is a great Robert Frost poem which is quoted above. Everyone views this poem at some point in their life, and being in the age of social media, it gets referenced all the time. The poem I’m esoterically referencing, is that ultra-famous poem called “The Road Not Taken”. Whatever you believe it to mean, it has some meaning to everyone who reads it. Thus is the beauty of the poem.

Some may consider it an affirmation that the road less travelled is perhaps the wiser road to take. They assert their individuality, and use this poem to do so. That’s a perfectly great way to interpret the poem. Relatable, and easy to understand, anyone can see how it’s an optimistic interpretation.

If you are an Orange Is The New Black fan, or just thought about the poem meanings more, then maybe you think differently. Not saying that any view is correct or anything, (In fact, that is the wonderful impossibility of the poem), just that this is another perspective to have. Not sure what the OITNB character’s name is, but she explains that the poem is more so about how everyone ends up in the same place no matter what they do. You can take the conventional route, or the less conventional route. Either way you will end up in the same job, and same life circumstance.

It’s hard to say whether or not one should aim for anything. Perhaps whether one aims the arrow or not is dependent on each individual. For me, the arrow is definitely aimed and hopefully precise. Then again, as they say, the unaimed arrow never misses. So are goals worth chasing, or do we get wherever we are supposed to anyway? Only father time will ever know.

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