Being Right


Sometimes we fall off the wagon. You click one news article about something your interested in, read through the comments, and look at some pictures, and before you know it three hours of free times goes by. Procrastination via the internet is a huge dilemma these. And a huge part of it has to with how, in today’s society more than ever, we are all just routed to websites that reaffirm our own beliefs. Essentially, we are all right, and for some reason always have some need to reaffirm our correctness.

Shit, even the people who preach how trying to maintain your correctness is a waste of time,  are often on social media trying to prove their correctness. Whether we are trying to prove to one of our “Facebook” friends, or that little voice in our head, or one of our real life friends wrong, it truly is a gigantic waste of time. Unfortunately, everyone can go anywhere and cement their own beliefs. What’s even worse is that all of the myth-debunking, and political fact-checking websites are as boring as C-SPAN.

This situation probably has been the same throughout history. Stubbornness, and argumentation are two inherited traits of many people who grow older. What’s different today, is that no one can claim ignorance, or accuse ignorance. If everyone has somewhere to go to reinforce their beliefs, no one will ever truly believe in being wrong. There are so many avenues of unnecessary communication nowadays, that their are now content creators who have gotten in trouble for defending themselves from criticism. By ‘gotten in trouble’, what I really mean is that they got obliterated in the court of public opinion for defending their choices, or beliefs

It’s difficult to not see things from a creator’s perspective. Sometimes it’s just too easy to get sucked into the world of comments, and news “articles”. Under no circumstance can it be easy to watch your character be defamed for some odd-remark, or your work being criticized because of something you said. If you aren’t in the type of business where the fame is plentiful, then idly watching while your characters is destroyed, must be way more difficult. What must hurt worse, is that people are always patting each other on the back when they “expose” someone, or trash someone’s character.

To feel as if you constantly having to prove yourself correct leads to a weird type of misery punctuated by moments of joy, and maybe some alcohol. When you realize that none of that shit matters, and you will inevitably die, being right is meaningless. But, don’t take my word for it. In fact, if you don’t believe anything in this post, you probably will find something that debunks everything above this line.  Our over communicated society can suck anyone in, and pull everyone into this strange world of backwards-righteousness. I wish it was possible to avoid getting sucked in forever, but admittedly, it just happened to me and it feels like I’m escaping depression. There’s gotta be a pill to escape over-communication.

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