Your Motivation


What is earnest motivation? Is it something that is truly easy, or difficult to find? Are the reasons we attempt our goals truly our reasons? Not to wax philosophical, but the human mind is quite fascinating in its ability to deceive.

Each of us sets up goals. or establishes reasons for doing anything. Everything needs a reason after all. The trickery lies in when we establish our reasons to attain whatever it is we seek. Thus we convince ourselves, for example, that money will buy happiness, or that love just happens overnight. Conversely, happiness comes way before the money, and love takes a bit longer.

Fame, more likely than not, is one of those goals that many people aspire to for few good reasons. Perhaps the only great reason for fame is that it usually generates more money. Any pop singer,  or actor has a motivation for fame. Public profile has much to do with their income. Though, what is it that everyone else seeks from fame? An easier life? Recognition?

Who knows. The point is that, in order to achieve anything we set out to achieve, we must all start with concrete reasons for achievement. Unfortunately our brain tricks us into believing false reasons. In the fame example, when you get famous for doing nothing, then your fame will go to waste. Actors often aim to become famous because there is a definite increase in their marketability, and an increased freedom in the roles they get to choose. If the motivation for fame is to gain a better life, then you will probably subconsciously start living that “better life”. It can manifest into spending more time watching television, or playing video games, but those two things won’t get you famous.

So how does anyone establish such clear cut motivation? Pen, and paper works. Hell, just pondering about why you want something works too. Whatever you do, it will be a battle against psychology. Thus thinking up the motivation, and reasons you want to achieve goals, or attain luxuries cannot be neglected. Otherwise, you might end up on the Internet all day after work, because you wanted more free time.

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