Sometimes it’s difficult to see how similar we all are as people. Or more importantly, it’s difficult to take a leap of faith in believing that many of our differences are slight. Tony Robbins, though I’m not a huge fan, has a great analogy in some talk on Youtube about this concept. He explained that failure and success are not very far apart and used plastic surgery, and our perception of beauty as an example. Turns out that the difference between ugly, and beautiful ,as it pertains to the human face, is only two centimeters. This is what it feels like to have just as many Republicans as Democrats on your Facebook newsfeed.

Let me explain. It’s not that one side is pretty and the other is not. All of cable news can prove that dead wrong. What my point is, is that neither side is very different despite each side feeling truly unique. They argue exactly the same, and the emotions they use to belittle the other side, despite their beliefs being somewhat different, is exactly the same.

There is a concept where people grow their social network in a way that most if not all of their friends think similarly on ideological views. When many of my politically inclined friends post something, the comments section is typically a gigantic wall of agreement. Dissent is like this weird missing ingredient in progress. Everyone avoids dissenters, or usually dismisses them all together. Doesn’t progress need to be open-minded by the nature of its definition?

I’m not saying that you should go out and disagree with everyone, but maybe the truth is not necessarily the same as reyling on some piece of media to do all the work for you. If you truly care about an issue, maybe all angles should be considered. Maybe it’s a strange concept to try and see all the viewpoints. Maybe being the person who sorts out, and looks at all the viewpoints is lonely. People do tend to hate loneliness after all.

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