Goodbye, And Please Understand


This post is going to be somewhat unconventional, but sometimes that’s good.

My video gaming days are over. Essentially my fork in the road has been chosen, and some things needed to go. Regardless of my choices. video games were the best part of growing up.

It’s one thing to lose a loved one. That’s sad to the point that it shakes your existence. But to lose a man who is largely responsible for helping you, and many others alleviate your pain and suffering? That’s difficult to accept on a global level. Not to mention that, people like Iwata are a rare breed in this world.

As we get older, politics, gender politics, work politics, bullshit about politics our college professors taught us, and other worthless things seem to take up space. We callously criticize everything. We spew bile and hatred when misunderstandings arise, and most importantly we condescend to younger people.

Over the recent years, it’s been a huge letdown to be someone who still has an ear to the gaming community. There have been fights over nothing, there have been left-wing, and right-wing loons arguing over nothing, and there have been people raising pitchforks against a perceived “nerd culture problem”. Iwata said that all video games were just meant to be fun. Fun for everyone.  One of the most brilliant CEO’s of a video game company, and that is his simple idea of a video games intent.

Some like to argue over video games validity as art. Others argue that they’re a complete waste of time. More topically, many argue that video games and their culture represents misogyny. Wouldn’t it be brilliant if we could all for once just agree with the greats? Are any of these arguments going to do anything to proliferate fun? Dividing ourselves and letting the manipulators conquer doesn’t sound like fun, and it certainly undermines our own ideas of individualism.

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