All In This Together

Narcissism is like a self-inflicted gunshot to the head. Media analysts, and pundits will argue that we live in a narcissistic time unrivaled by any other. Ironically, these analysts, news-writers, and pundits are just doling out their own narcissistic opinions. Hell, speaking from experience, news-writers are barely even a tertiary source anymore. Their job at this point is to frame conjecture as fact.

However, that is a major digression. It seems to me that the older we get, and inevitably more susceptible we become to what talking heads say, the more narcissistic we become.We also become less likely to stick out our necks. With great fallacy, many of us see that our life is best way to live. Trust no one, and don’t expect people to trust you.

Is being so trusting such an awful thing? Despite my nature of being a godless heathen, it’s hard to ignore that Jesus trusted and loved everyone. Sure it’s easy for a smart-ass to say, “He died being crucified by people whom he loved,” but whether or not he truly saved us from sin, he did die for his beliefs.

Every successful person knows that they gained success through the help of many and through having great relationships. Perhaps it’s a naive thought, but wouldn’t life be greater if we built these relationships less grudgingly? Just forget the stupid thing someone said on Twitter, or for once not rant about something on Facebook, neglect the divisiveness of politics, get rid of our social stigmatizations, and so on. We are all going to end up in the same place after all.

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