State Of Happiness


When you are in your twenties/late teens trying to figure life out, the word happiness gets juggled around often. Many say you should do what makes you happy. Others say happiness is the key to life. It is hard to say whether anyone’s advice, given that it is genuine and heartfelt, is objectively great or awful. All advice is dependent on the recipient, no?

An individual may not even be ready for life-changing advice. Furthermore, the path to walk down is determined quite often on one’s outlook. In choosing a life, or a life’s goal, the only two things that matter are fear and bravery. The brave have a more difficult time, but reap the greatest rewards. Whereas the fearful have the easiest path, but few if any rewards towards the end. What got me thinking of all the conflicting messages, and our collective future as human beings, is the current state of everyone around me. In other words, my friends are all going to grad school.

A great decision if founded in great beliefs and genuine goals. With this decision, much like college or getting a job, many people are doing it because they have to, not because they want to. Many of these people are intelligent enough to trick themselves into believing whatever they want. Herein lies the flaw with our perception of happiness.

If the “real world” lacks your hearts desires, can grad school be much better? Money does not, and will not buy happiness. Achieving ones goals will not either, but it will bring fulfillment. Is chasing grades, goals, and money really going to bring happiness? It sounds cliche, but happiness comes before the goals, before the money, and before most everything else. It won’t come from a piece of paper, it may not come from your current beliefs, and it won’t necessarily come from achievement.The only place happiness can come from is a sound mind guided by a sound heart.

Perhaps that is the flaw with our logic of happiness. We chase the affirmations of our beliefs, and too often ignore the truth. Happiness should not be a result, but rather the core that energizes our being.

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