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Time is a flat circle.”

Something about that quote always stuck with me.

As a fan of the show, it is easy to dismiss Rust’s Nietzsche-esque quotes, and his perspective on the interpretation of life’s meaning. For one, Rust is a die hard pessimist. Granted he is that way for a reason, but his view is that if perspective from another dimension was attainable, we would see that time keeps occurring in an infinite loop. Nothing really changes, and if we have souls,  they jump bodies when we die and leave all previous consciousness behind. In his view we are the same people over and over again.

Over the last couple weeks, while talking loved ones about topical issues, the concept caught a hold of me. Everything seems to be repeating while we sit and let it happen. One could argue that this mass manipulation of the supposed universe is evil. The connotation of this otherworldly manipulation, funnily enough, is really all we may be able to control. You can see it as great, or awful, or be completely indifferent about it. (In fact, a great book that details this omnipresent scenario is called Meditations by Marcus Aurelius.)

For reference, social media has supposedly been and continues to be this hot thing that everyone need to “jump on.” At least one social media advocate has even implied that not being on social media is equivalent to death  Would that mean that everyone over the age of 45-ish is dead? What’s crazier is that there is an implication by many people, like this advocate, that social media is a new hot thing. Social media has existed for as long as the internet has entered the household. AIM? AOL Chatrooms? Friendster? Do any of those services ring a bell?

Currently the major difference between then and now, is that tech companies more powerful now. They can, and have manipulated the narrative to make enough people believe that social media matters and is fresh. More importantly, this is just one of many entities in human history that recycles itself. Do you believe that privacy issues are current? Do you believe that the guy looking for terror-cells is really that concerned with your information? Or is it really the always-present-marketing-guy who is looking for your stuff? Gay equality will shortly be here, and that’s wonderful. But are you as an individual going to react the same when transgendered people have their fight? What if pedophiles have that same urge to be accepted? Certainly it’s a crazy leap, and I may be mistaken in thinking that it could happen, but history says otherwise.

Where the fault in our humanity lies is in our perceptions of events. As a man in his mid 20’s I am now witnessing the birth of all of the things that my generation, and the generation above mine, simply will not understand quite like younger generations will. This blog’s purpose is to document thoughts like these, and to facilitate preemptive discussion. Currently we are the generation where pot was legalized, gay marriage happened, and WEB 2.0 took place for us to easily grasp. But shortly from now, we will have to deal with a newer, crazier drug, transgendered rights, and WEB 3.0. Largely, the differentiating factor is that twenty years from now, most of us will have children. Children who may experiment with that crazy drug, who may be transgendered, and who will understand WEB 3.0. And everything will look wildly different, function slightly different, and may cause us to react irrationally. Our choices however, remain the same : grow wise or grow old.

Time truly is a flat circle.

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